3 Week Sports chiropractic virtual program
How To Fix Your Pain Naturally
How Telehealth Can Fix Your Pain Naturally
The 3 week Sports Chiropractic telemedicine program is designed around assessing your dysfunctional movement patterns which may in fact be creating pain symptoms especially now that more people are taking up activities ie. running due to the gyms being closed and everyone having to stay home. 

 The 3 week program includes a functional movement screening via a live video conferencing call to address your dysfunctional movement patterns; 2 times a week 30 min live sessions via zoom where you will go through all your correctives to eliminate the discomfort or pain you are currently experiencing in a systematic approach designed by the doctor; weekly "homework" designed around the corrective/rehabilitative exercises to make sure you reach your optimal performance by the end of the program; a review of your current workout program or training schedule to ensure what you are currently doing is not impacting the discomfort or pain further; and, unlimited access to the doctor via messaging throughout the 3 weeks

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 Who Is Dr. Heather?
Dr. Heather is a neuromusculoskeletal practitioner specializing in proper spinal/articular alignment, muscle imbalances and soft tissue injuries. As a Doctor of Chiropractic with almost 18 years of experience, Heather has concentrated on athletic training/ sports medicine. Licensed in Connecticut, Heather has measurably expanded her family-oriented Head-To-Toe Chiropractic practice in Connecticut, and become an even more active consultant and speaker in the Tri-State area over the last several years in addition to her continuing local volunteer work with schools and nonprofits.

A faculty instructor for American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association, Dr. Gansel’s coaching approach is strongly informed by her targeted research and personal experiences in striving to use exercise to enhance stamina. She has purposefully had long experience working with other medical professionals to address the needs of frail elderly patients and youth dealing with physical limitations and/or mental/emotional rehabilitation issues and physical education needs.

Having redesigned the Keene State Women’s Basketball pre-, post-, and in-season training program, Dr. Gansel also developed training programs for the local high school and collegiate swimmers. She has treated and assisted with the sport-specific training of equestrians, ballerinas, lacrosse and soccer players (including the Connecticut Women’s Soccer League), and marathoners as well as athletes who sole goal is striving to function at optimal health and performance levels. 

A board member Kids in Crisis, Heather has personally trained all of the fundraising tri-athletes for the annual for years.

A Doctor of Chiropractic and Athletic Training/ Sports Medicine, for which she received the Clinical Excellence Award for outstanding achievement throughout the clinical system, her additional certifications include: 

• Personal Training • BOSU® (Both Sides Utilized) Balance Training

• Ergonomics • Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) Master Instructor

• Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) Level 1

• Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Holistic Medicine
 Listen to Past Telehealth Patients:
Afsune From London
In London, Chiropractors practices were closed during the covid-19 outbreak and I was desperate for some help with a running injury.  And although we’re in different continents and time zones, Heather was incredible at working with me on video calls, daily chats and constant communication to help me. She is compassionate, accommodating and extremely good at helping you understand how your body works. With a few weeks of daily exercise, stretching and education from Heather I have been able to continue doing the sport I love. She really put me through my paces, waking up muscles I didn’t know I had! I couldn’t be more grateful for her help.

Mark From South Carolina
I first started working with Heather after a series of injuries affected my ability to work out and stay fit. Heather took time to interview me, to better understand where I was and wanted to go on my fitness journey. She performed a detailed fitness assessment, quickly identified where I had be compensating for atrophied muscle groups, and developed a custom-made series of workouts to challenge me. We tracked progress towards my goals and she’d always changed things up to keep it fresh. When something was too difficult, given my limitations or injuries, Heather would modify the movements to still be challenging but achievable. Heather gave excellent one-on-one attention during our sessions and assigned me ‘homework’ exercises to further round-out my fitness. Heather’s an engaging fitness and health professional. Her attitude is infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her . . . even though they were always very challenging. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and mental toughness. She’s awesome!

Amy From Connecticut
I started working with Heather a couple of years ago. After running a half marathon, I was unable to run a couple miles without pain. I found Heather and following a thorough movement assessment, she explained how my dysfunctional movement patterns were affecting my running and how she could help me. Her workouts were designed with my running goals in mind. With the help of her program, I was able to run a pain-free half marathon the following spring! I continue to work with her to improve my running and prevent injuries. Heather is very knowledgeable about fitness but what sets her apart from other professionals is how much she personalizes the program to fit you. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them achieve their goals. If you’re looking for a trainer, look no further!

Shannon From Minnesota
Cannot express enough gratitude to Heather! 

I’ve been dealing with Achilles/Plantar Fasciitis for over 10 months. After reaching out to me on a FB group page, Heather and I met over Zoom and she discovered it was my lower back causing my symptoms!! 

Who would have thought that in 3 weeks she would have me running again with no pain!! 

I suggest to anyone who is having troubles with their running or working out pains today to reach out to Heather!! 

I live in MN and she is in CT- don’t let time or distance get in the way!

Jenny Lynn From Tennessee

Several months ago I met Heather on one of the running pages on Facebook. I was asking questions about an injury that had occurred while I was out running. She immediately came to my rescue and began to explain what happened and how she could help. Initially, like everything you see on the internet I was skeptical. However, so desperate to run again I decided I didn’t have anything to lose. People always try to tell you why they are the ‘best’ but I was blown away by Heather. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the human body but she was able to teach me how my particular body type needed a special training routine to fix the underlying issues. I never would have known or figured it out on my own. I am still in the process of correcting old habits but I absolutely could not have done it without her. Not only is she knowledgeable but she is a joy to work with. We did virtual sessions not because of COVID but because we live in different time zones and it was amazing. I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my home or worry about someone coming to mine. She was able to correct my form by watching with video-chats and asking questions the entire time. She gave me exercises and plans based on what I was experiencing and didn’t make me feel bad when I couldn’t do a particular routine. I am a very busy person and she went out of her way to work around my schedule which was such a blessing. We were literally scheduling on a day to day basis because my schedule can be so uncertain. She is so patient and actually cares. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with any type of pain.

Eddie From Texas
I worked with Heather completing a 3 week program to help rehabilitate my knee via telecommunication. She set up weekly zooms to show new exercises and discuss progress. Heather also checked in regularly in between zooms and was always responsive to any questions I had. Even since completing the 3 weeks, she has reached out regularly to check-in on my progress. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Susie From Pennsylvania  
I first met Dr. Heather when I observed her working with our Pilates instructor before our class. Heather was clearly knowledgeable, bright, and holistic. Her style and demeanor communicated that she was both caring and talented. For several years, I endured a nagging shoulder injury and wondered if Dr. Heather could help. Because Heather is a Chiropractor, accomplished athlete, and fitness trainer experienced in rehabbing injuries with a holistic medical and functional strategy, I hoped her more complete approach to correcting my problem could restore mobility and resolve the ongoing discomfort. Within a month of working with Dr. Heather, she fully corrected my long-term injury and started me on a maintenance regimen to restore wellness and position me for greater fitness. I had never encountered anyone like Heather who was capable of assembling a comprehensive approach that addressed the entire kinetic change in an integrated formula. She designed a custom plan for me to achieve noticeable results in such a short time. Her knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and the causes of a wide range of impairments has been unmatched. I was so delighted with my progress and outcome that I started working with Heather to move beyond my injury and to improve my health with a personalized exercise plan, nutrition strategy, and injury prevention as I mature and age. We have been so impressed that we even started our teenagers on a training program with Heather so that they can prepare for their sport seasons and adapt their fitness to their growing bodies. I feel so very fortunate to have discovered Dr. Heather and I am grateful for the pronounced and meaningful difference she has made in our family’s health and wellbeing.  

Diana From Colorado 
I wanted to start out by saying that connecting with Heather has been a game changer for me!

I tore my left ACL in October 2019 during a taekwon-do testing and subsequently had surgery in December 2019. I am also a runner who has battled chronic knee pain in my right knee for the last 6 years with no viable solutions in sight. While scrolling through a running group I'm in on Facebook, I found a post of her's about knee pain. Intrigued, I clicked on the post and responded. I was very impressed with her knowledge base and decided to connect with her for an evaluation. 

We connected via Facebook Messenger for our initial evaluation. Once again I was amazed at her knowledge base, and her ability to pick up on the areas that I needed help with--no small feat when doing an evaluation over video!!! It was the knowledge base, and the fact that I was looking for someone to help me return to both running and taekwon-do (past what my PT was doing for me) that convinced me to sign on to the program. I saw value in what she had to offer! 

I have been working with Heather since July 2020. Since beginning the program I have noticed an increase in strength in my weak areas (my PT found weakness in my glutes and hamstrings, which 4 weeks after starting the program was drastically improved!). I have also noticed a gait change in my running, and no knee pain in my right knee while running! We are moving forward with returning to taekwon-do. I love how she tailors my workouts to my goals, as well as my life changes---there has been a hiccup or two---without missing a beat! I appreciate the videos that help me walk through my exercises, and the changes in workout plans as my needs change. All of this has helped me get stronger, and move me closer to competition!  

I truly feel, that this was placed in my path to get me where I want to be! I am grateful! 

Thank you Heather for all the work you have put in with me! 

Jen From Connecticut
I was introduced to Heather in a Facebook group. We talked and I quickly became aware she has vast knowledge and passion about helping people achieve their fitness goals. I had an issue with my knee and meeting virtually, she gave me multiple exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees, hips, lower back and core to balance the strength in these areas. I’m back to running and feel great! Thanks Heather!

Sam From Australia  
Hey I’m Sam ....

I’m 30 years old and I’m from Horsham Vic Australia... 

I’ve recently engaged in a 9 week running program that’s going to see me run 213km in 30 hours... 

I’ve never done any long distancing running before and have no experience In the sport.. 😅 

After 3 weeks into my training I started experiencing this terrible pain on the outside of my right knee known as the famous “runners knee”...

I came across one of Heather's free content posts in a Mutual group we are in and I decided to reached out to her. 

I booked in to get an online assessment with her and ever since our first appointment, I’ve been very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and experience with what she is talking about and her ability to pin point all my flaws through a video camera..... incredible.

I have seen over 20 qualified health professionals in my 15 years of playing sport and have seen some “doozies”... 

After 1.5 weeks of seeing Heather, my knee pain has been going away, and has nearly become non existent after 4 weeks.

Thank you so much heather, absolute life saver. And I’ll be hitting you up in the future for ongoing maintenance. 

Thank you, Sam

Jill From South Dakota 
I started working with Heather back in April due to knee pain that I was experiencing and I didn't even realize at the time that it was possible to do physical therapy and personal training online. I was skeptical at first, but I was very surprised to learn how convenient and effective it is! Heather is incredibly knowledgeable and is easily able to take whatever equipment you have on hand (or lack thereof) and create a totally functional workout that you can do at home, or you can choose to "meet" with her virtually at your own gym. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, whether you are just beginning your journey or whether you are looking to move up in your fitness level. I have gained not only physical strength, but also confidence in myself and I can't put a price on that! 100% recommend!

Kris From Florida  
The only complaint I have is that facebook doesn't allow me to give Heather more than 5 stars!!!! 

Heather reached out to me from a post I made in a running group. Without any guarantee of my business, she actively reached out and wanted to help me, she took the time to do a facetime call with me and listen to my issues. She described what was going on in such a way that was easy for me to understand why I was getting injured and provided the proper exercises, videos, PDFs with anything and everything I need in a timely fashion! 

Without ever meeting me in person (thanks covid) she was able to help me! 

Then after a few months she reached out again to see how I was feeling! And that is what sets her apart, she is always actively seeking out people to help, because she loves what she does. 

Book with her now, it is worth the money.  Thank you Heather!
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